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Monitored Monday – Friday (11:00 am EST- 5:00 pm EST). Click the Request Help Button for assistance while Hive is monitored. Outside monitored hours? Submit a support ticket at www.help.sbsg.dev
Meeting Code301074222

* This is a positive work environment. No negativity will be tolerated.
*Send a chat message and stay in the Hive if there is not an immediate response when you enter.
* Mute yourself while working so as not to distract others.
* You may use the raise hand icon to reach out for help or you may unmute and ask your question and of course you can also private chat questions.
* You may ask questions within the group and receive answers from each other and/or the current management moderator.
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Help in the Hive

Notify the moderator of the Hive that you need assistance. They will join you in the Hive momentarily.

Help in the Hive

The help notification was sent successfully. We’ll be right there!