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Outbound Call Center Services

An outbound call center is a must-have for any business organization that is looking to expand its business and increase the number of sales. Outbound contact centers help companies to get in touch with their clients while keeping the costs in check. The main purpose of a call center is to cater to its customers, and it is therefore important that companies analyze their needs before hiring an experienced call center service provider for outbound operations.

SBSG Call Center Solutions is a leading provider of outbound BPO services catering to the outbound calling needs of global customers for over a decade. We have experience serving clients from different verticals and domains with complete satisfaction.

What is an Outbound Call Center and What all Do Your Outbound Call Center Services Cover?

Outbound call centers mainly comprise of agents making calls to existing and potential customers. The calls are meant to increase your sales, follow-up your mailings, test unknown markets, develop good customer relationships and make your business a success. Many companies make use of outbound contact centers to make their potential and existing customers aware of their products and services. When a sale of the product or service is achieved by making an outbound call it is referred to as an outbound sale.

What are the Outbound Call Center Services Offered by SBSG Call Center Solutions?

When you outsource outbound contact center services to SBSG, our team helps you increase your sales, follow-up your emails, test unknown markets, develop good customer relationships and make your business a success by cold calling. Some of the key services we offer include:

  • Lead Generation Services
  • Appointment Setting Services
  • Market Intelligence Services
  • Direct Mail Follow-up Services
  • B2C Cold Calling Services
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Telesales & Customer Acquisition
  • Debt Collection Services
  • Disaster Recovery Services
  • Database Development & Management Services
  • B2C Lead Generation Services
  • B2B Appointment Setting Services
  • Customer Follow-up Services
  • Customer Loyalty Programs
  • E-mail Follow Up
  • Sales Lead Follow-up
  • Subscription Renewal Services
  • Data Recovery Services
  • Customer Retention Services
  • Product/Service Promotion
  • Data Validation Services
  • Email List Management Services
  • Warm Calling/Existing Clients/Referrals
  • Mortgage Lead Generation
  • Tele Surveys
  • Information Gathering
  • Welcome Call
  • Service Satisfaction Follow-ups
  • Sales Verification
  • Cold Calling Campaigns
  • Direct Sales
  • Market Research & Surveys

How Can Outsourcing Outbound Call Center Services Benefit Me?

Outbound Call Center ServicesOutsourcing outbound call center services to an experienced service providing partner can help you take advantage of a series of benefits. Some of the key benefits of outsourcing outbound contact center services include –

  • Cost Savings – Outsourcing call center services to a service provider helps you save costs as there are no costs involved in hiring and training in-house call center agents
  • Increase Profits – Outsourcing outbound call center services can help you generate more leads and hence boost your revenues
  • Save on Resources – By outsourcing, you tend to save a lot in terms of buying the required infrastructure and expensive software and hiring manpower
  • Access to Skilled Workforce – Outsourcing gives you access to a skilled team of resources who have specialized skills to deal with customers on call
  • Concentrate on Core Competencies – Outsourcing call center services gives you more time and resources to concentrate on your core competencies


Call Center Software we use

HubSpot Bitrix24 Talkdesk Five9 Zendesk Dixa salesforce LiveAgent Avaya

Why Should I Outsource Outbound Call Center Services to SBSG?

When you choose SBSG as your outbound contact center outsourcing partner, you can benefit from efficient outbound call center solutions. We will first gain an understanding of your business requirements, target market, and proposition before providing outbound services. This analysis enables us to provide reliable and efficient services that can increase your business value. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include:

  • Affordable Call Center Services

    We follow the best call center practices and can provide you with highly affordable outbound sales call center services

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to the best infrastructure which enables us to provide the best-quality call center services to global clients

  • Use of Latest Tools

    We make use of some of the latest tools and technologies to deliver call center services

  • Data Security

    We have stringent data security and confidentiality agreements in place which ensure that all your and customer data is completely safe with us

  • Multichannel Capabilities

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with contact center services using multiple channels

  • Certified Processes

    All our call center processes are certified and we follow only industry-standard guidelines while providing our call center services

  • Multilingual Capabilities

    We have a team of call center agents who are well-versed with multiple languages and can cater to call center requests in more than one language

  • 24*7 Outbound Call Center Services

    We have the capability to provide services at all times of the day through our multiple delivery centers spread across the globe

We have been in the call center industry for over 16 years and are capable of understanding every little requirement of running a successful call center. Our services add value to your business by easily generating leads and hence helping you to increase your revenues manifold. Our team is trained to cater to customers from different backgrounds, regions, cultures, and in multiple languages.

If you are looking for a reliable, effective, multi-lingual, and cost-effective outbound service provider, then you have come to the right place. Get in touch with us today!

What is Inbound and Outbound Call Center?

Many people are usually confused about the difference between inbound and outbound call centers. The main difference between inbound and outbound contact centers is pretty simple and is listed here –

  • Inbound – In an inbound call center, agents will be handling calls from customers who are trying to get assistance regarding any of the products or services
  • Outbound – In an outbound contact center, the agents will usually call the customer and provide them with the required information about the products or services or any other kind of support

It is important that companies realize and decide what kind of call center they wish to be in order to implement and plan systems for your call center. Before outsourcing their services to third-parties, they should ask them these two questions – “what is your outbound process?” and “How do you handle outbound calls? Understanding what is BPO inbound and outbound contact center is of utmost importance before embarking on the journey of setting up a call center. SBSG can help you set up a successful contact center for all your sales requirements.

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